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Why Choose AIPO Dry Cabinet

Why use dry cabinet?

  1. No more spoilt pictures due to FUNGUS
  2. No more COSTLY lens cleaning services
  3. Eliminate deterioration of lens quality after cleaning as a result of fungus attack
  4. The cost of cleaning just 2 infected lenses is already higher than the cost of a dry cabinet
  5. If the expensive coating on the glass is infected, this coating will be removed as well during the cleaning process. Thus, the optical quality of the glass will deteriorate (introducing more purple fringing, ghosting, flaring and etc)
  6. Since a lens is so compact and precise, 100% restoration is difficult to be achieved after dismantling your lens for cleaning purposes. Thus, mechanical quality of the lens might suffer as well (introducing more distortion and front/back focusing problem)

Why choose AIPO

  1. Proven designed drying module durability that comes with 5 years warranty. Tested to last 20 years of continous operation
  2. Digital meter and digital control for exact humidity control and ultimate ease of operation. Just key in the disired %RH into the digital interface and the digital control will maintain the %RH within the preset value.
  3. Internal built in memory remembers the set %RH even after a power blackout.
  4. Fast drying capabilities
  5. Consumes only 5 Watts. Equivalent to less than 30 cents per month in electricity bill.
  6. No battery neede for the digital meter





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