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Digital Myth

Though several dry cabinets claimed to be Digital, there exists 2 elements for Digital Dry Cabinet:

1) Digital Meter - An interface that shows the current %RH in digital form. Usually comes in 2 forms (battery or ac power operated) depending on the control (Digital or Analogue)

2) Digital Control - A feedback control loop that accurately control the %RH within the preset value for ultimate ease of operation.


A dry cabinet can come in several forms:

1) Digital Meter and Digital Control - Benefits from total digital control

2) Digital Meter and Analogue Control - Still a form of analogue control though they are named Digital dry cabinets.

3) Analogue Meter and Analogue Control - Purely analogue



Beware of item (2) - Digital meter and analogue control! Though they are named digital dry cabinets, they remain largely analogue control.

The KEY WORD here is DIGITAL CONTROL for unleashing the total digital control benefits.

AIPO ‘EX’ series comes with both Digital Meter and Digital Control for a purely digital experience!





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