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Dry Cabinet Technology

There exists 2 types of dry cabinet technology.

1)Drying by using molecular sieve dessicant heating element.

This is the basic type of drying technology.

The concept of operation is similar to using silica gel. Heating element is required to recycle the silica gels or dessicant.

A mechanical window at the back of this dry cabinet flips into a position such that the fresh dessicant interacts within the internal environment of the dry cabinet to absorb moisture.

After a certain time frame, the mechanical window flips again to change its position such that the dessicant now interacts with the external environment.

The heating element surrounded by the dessicant now operates to vaporize all the moisture trapped in the dessicant to the external environment, thus recycle the dessicant.

This technology required higher power rating in order to heat up the heating element.


2)Drying by using T.E. Semi-Conductor Cooling Technology

This is the advanced type of drying technology.

The employment of semi-conductor technology ensures a long lasting drying module.

One of the surface of this TE Module is cold while the other surface is hot when power is supplied.


The cold surface will always interact with the internal environment to condense moisture over its cold surface - just like the surface of a glass of ice water left on the table.

This condensed moisture will then be channeled to the hot side of the TE module through a sponge, to be vaporized to the external environment.

The employment of this technology facilitated digital control and energy savings easily.







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