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Operating Analogue Control

1) AIPO Analogue control offers the simplest form of control.

2) AIPO Analogue control dry cabinet consists of an analogue meter and a control knob that control the power supplied to the drying module.

3) Both the analogue meter and the control knob operate independently. There is no communication channel between the drying module and the analogue meter.

Low power, High %RH  


High Power, Low %RH

4) When the power supply is switched ON, the RED light illuminates indicative of available power supply

5) When the control knob is turned in the anti-clockwise direction, the power to the drying module increases. The more you turn to the left, the more power is supplied. The brightness of the RED light indicates the amount of power supplied to the drying module.

6) An equilibrium is reached when the amount of moisture seeping into the dry cabinet is equivalent to the amount of moisture removed through the drying module.

7) AIPO Analogue control dry cabinet operates 24 hours a day, with the input power dependent on the position of the control knob





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