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Operating Digital Control


1) AIPO Digital control offers an intelligent form of humidity control.

2) AIPO Digital control dry cabinet consists of a digital meter with a digital interface and built-in humidity sensor that accurately controls the humidity level within the preset value.

3) Both the digital meter and the digital control operate in synchronism. A feedback control loop is utilized for the RH sensor to inform the drying module if the internal humidity is too low or too high.

4) Whenever the internal humidity is higher than the preset value, the drying module is operated automatically.

5) When the preset humidity is reached, the power supply to the drying module is cut off.

6) In contrast to the analog control and analog meter, digital control and digital meter dry cabinets supply full rated power to the drying module whenever the internal humidity is higher than the preset value. This results in faster drying capability.

7) AIPO digital meter and digital control dry cabinets also come with built-in memory capability, that remembers the set RH value even after a power blackout resume.


Operating Manual

1) The digital interface commonly display the current internal RH value.

2) To set the internal RH value, press SET once. The digital interface will blinks for 4 seconds.

3) Adjust the desired RH value by pressing the UP or DOWN button while the digital interface is blinking.


4) To enter the desired RH value into the built-in memory, press SET twice until the digital interface stops blinking.

5) The interval RH value will slowly decreases until the desired RH value is reached.

6) AIPO Digital meter and Digital control dry cabinet will actively control the internal RH value within the preset value.





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