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Product Test

Later & Axial Load Test - CLICK VIDEO BELOW

Beta Shell™ - High Load Test (1300lbf +) - Amazing!

2 minute Random Impact Test - CLICK VIDEO BELOW

Beta Shell™ - Random Impact Endurance Test Video - Wow!

Backcountry Ski Use Test - CLICK VIDEO BELOW

Beta Shell™ - Backcountry Ski Photography Placement - 2010.


Beta Shell™ Impact Abuse Test – The “44 Minute Test”

To test the toughness and durability of our rigid ABS polymer lens case design we invented the “44 minute test”. In this test we take a production Beta Shell™ 4.140 SLR lens case, two 6X6 inch concrete blocks, half a gallon of sand-blasting abrasive, and place them in a commercial grade concrete mixer. We turn on the concrete mixer and tumble all the contents for the following time intervals – 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, 27, 35, and 44 minutes. The concrete mixer makes an entire revolution every two seconds causing the concrete block to randomly impact the lens case from all directions. The purpose of this impact test is to observe the level of wear to external surface of lens case, verify if the top lid remains closed, observe if dirt penetrates the lid seal, and observe functionality of lens case components at the end of each time interval. Will our lens case remain functional? - Let’s find out!

(Since this test is to determine lens case robustness and durability, we used weights to simulate an average SLR lens mass contained in the lens case. We did not tumble the lens case containing a optical SLR lens!)

The series of images below show how our Beta Shell™ 4.140 model took the abuse!


Test Summary:

  • Our Beta Shell™ did not open, leak, or fail structurally after 44 minutes of abuse. We suspect we could have continued the test for much longer.
  • Significant wear-and-tear can be observed at all protruding edges and components, but no components failed functionally or structurally.
  • Our Beta Shell™ case lid did not seem to tighten or loosen up. We were able to open it as easily as we closed it in the beginning of the test.
  • Bungee strap was not tested. Likely it would have failed relatively quickly ~ 5 minutes by getting cut away from concrete brick impacts.
  • Besides looking significantly worn, our test Beta Shell™ is still fully functional!






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