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Dry Cabinet
Dry Box



How It Works

Dehumidifier Unit

It contains special formulated silica gel that can be reusable by pluging into electrical outlet. It ensure the equipment stored inside the Dry Box free of fungus by properly lowering the humidity level.

When your indicator of Dehumidifier turns to red color, you need to recharge it in order. Indicator will turns to Blue color (Normal Condition)


Small Dehumidifier Unit

W114 x D33 x H102


Large Dehumidifier Unit

W152 x D33 x H102


Silica Gel

Karakka Dry Box is an air tight storage box & come with Rechargeable Dehumidifier.

The Karakka Dehumidifier built with special formulated chemical Silica Gel (it is not a normal silica gel) & heater .


Colour changing to indicate moisture

  Super efficient special formulated Silica Gel (white coloured) for higher moisture absorbency



Box design

All Karakka Dry Box are specially constructed to ensure safekeeping of sensitive equipment such as Camera and Photographic Accsessorries. This to ensure that the humidity level is at the suitable level to prevent fungus growth.

Karakka Dry Box are made to last. The DP Series are made of Durable Polymer which is very tough and long lasting.



Airtight Seal

Every Dry Box use an airtight seal to ensure there is no moisture creep into the compartment and jeopardized the equipment stored inside.


RH Metre

Built in RH Metre to keep track the moisture content inside the storage compartment.


Escape Nodes

Built In Escape Nodes to ventilate the Dry Box when one needs to increase the RH Level inside the storage compartment.







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